Pregnancy Diaries: #First Trimester.

Welcome back!

It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten back into my blogging zone and much of that is linked to this very blog post. So, in case you don’t already know, I am expecting!

Pregnancy so far has been both very exciting but also very new and unknown. From the excitement of finding out, the nausea and sickness at week 7 through to our first scan and hearing our babies heart beat, everything is very surreal and pretty amazing.

Now, at 20 weeks, I thought I could you give anyone who is interested, a little run down of a few things that really helped the baby and I get through our first trimester!

Much like my wedding diaries last year, I totally get that this isn’t going to be of interest to everyone so will be mixing up my posts with my usual Kroma inspiration and design posts for those who prefer them.


So, I thought I’d kick things off with some skin and body products that have really helped through the first few weeks of pregnancy, all of which I’m still using now.

  1. Pregnancy Vitamins. – Something that your GP and midwife will advise you to take on a daily basis from the very beginning, these have been helping both us of get the best start possible. I was given a packet of Pregnacare vitamins along with my notes at my first NHS antenatal appointment and, although they are the recommended brand, they are a little on the pricey side. If you’re needing to find a cheaper alternative, most supermarket and drug stores will offer their own brand of pregnancy vitamins and you can double check on the back that they are still giving you the right dosage of particular important vitamins including folic acid!
  2. Body Oil – Not just for those stretch marks that may begin creeping in as your body makes room for your growing babe, body oil is also great for just moisturising dry skin in pregnancy. I haven’t been a fan of most pregnancy belly creams and balms because of their cocoa butter scent (it’s too sweet and sickly for me!) So, an alternative that I’ve been using and absolutely loving (onto my second bottle already!) is the SUKIN BioNatural skin oil. The sukin brand is an all natural, vegan brand which I love and this particular oil smells great and leaves skin super smooth and soft with no grease. The oil includes some pretty great ingredients too such as Rose Hip Oil (which I also use on it’s own on any potential stretch mark prone areas), Carrot seed oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin F, Avacado Oil, Lavender Oil, Vanilla Extract.
  3. Primrose Oil Although not a necessity, I have always taken primrose oil everyday since my late teens, to help with hormone levels, skin and hair growth and have continued to do so in my pregnancy to keep everything well balanced.
  4. Lavender Oil – Although many say to avoid lavender oil in pregnancy, I have been adding a couple of drops to my bath and on my pillow to allow me a good night’s sleep and get through the first month of fatigue. The lavender scent also helped really well with morning sickness (which was actually all day long nausea from week 7 – 10)


Next up are a few clothing and accessories that have really helped me from week 7 on wards.

  1. Maternity Leggings – Although I didn’t gain a huge amount of weight in my first trimester, it was pretty amazing how quickly my usual favourite high waist jeans became particularly uncomfortable on my waist and belly. For just £9.00 per pair, my sister-in-law recommended these black cotton maternity leggings from Peacocks with over the bump support and they have been great! – I was able to wear hers for a few weeks to try them out (would definitely recommend this if you can) then proceeded to purchase 3 pairs for myself. I would also recommend sizing up, giving yourself some space for your bump to grow.
  2. Sports / Cotton Bra– When all of the focus is on your bump, it seems to be forgotten that in fact, one of the first signs of pregnancy can be your growing boobs and boy do they grow! On top of you no longer fitting into your pretty lace bras, your boobs can also become pretty sensitive and will need some decent support. That’s where I found that any non-wired, soft cotton bras or sports bras helped out a great deal. I also wore these to bed for the first few weeks for extra support.
  3. Nausea and Sickness Wristbands– Something that another sister-in law recommended to me for my nausea, these acupressure wristbands seemed to help a great deal for keeping sickness at bay and are really cheap so worth giving a try, even if you’re not convinced in the beginning. These little things came everywhere with me from work to wedding receptions.
  4. Water Bottle – So it might seem obvious that, when pregnant, the best liquid you could drink to stay hydrated would be water and that’s great because I love the stuff. However, in my first trimester, I hated it and really struggled unless it was ice ice cold! That’s when an insulated water bottle came in handy, keeping my water cool on all outings and allowing me to get the right amount of fluids. I’d also recommend a re-usable straw!
  5. Back pack – This might sound strange, but a back pack has been really helping me with any pregnancy back pain by evening out any weight I need to carry with me when out and about. This burgundy velvet back pack by Glamorous is both a great size and sleek design.



Finally, I thought I’d go through a few food and drink essentials that helped with my nausea and things that I just craved eating in the first few weeks.

  1. Elderflower – Recommended by my mum, whenever I would struggle with getting water down, I would have an elderflower with soda water, ice and mint. The soda helped with settling the nausea and the elderflower and mint added a nice fresh flavour.
  2. Lemon and Ginger – Liquid or food form, both of these were great in the first several weeks of pregnancy. Ginger biscuits, lemon and ginger tea, lemon sweets, and even just the smell of lemon scented cleaning products really helped!
  3. Apples – A fruit I am still loving now, I craved the dark red delicious apples but they had to be nice and cold! Raw, cold carrots also helped and are something I still love snacking on now!
  4. Snacks – You may hear your midwife speak the words “little and often” quite a bit when it comes to your diet in your first trimester. This is when snacks come in. Things that got me through the day included plain crackers, wholemeal toast, salted or cheese crisps and cocoa and orange nake’d bars (which made me feel better knowing that I was getting a bit of goodness)


I think that’s it for now! – I’d love to hear what your first trimester essentials were/ have been and hope that this helps anyone who is struggling. Just know, we are all learning as we go, just do what’s right for you.


Simple Spring Styling

Morning Gals! Spring is here and it’s officially my favourite time of year.

Today I bring some simple styling ideas to you for new season spring wearing. Think “throw on” pieces with easy shapes, light layers and softer colours. Plus, everything chosen is from TKMAXX so you can shop in one place! All details below…


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 


It all started with an excited comment on Kat William’s instagram page when she was holidaying in a beautiful tropical paradise last year.

I’d recently come back from my honeymoon and had major wedding blues. So, seeing those tropical photographs just threw me straight back to our big day again.

Thankfully, great timing meant that Kat saw my comment and checked out my account in response. Having already posted a few of our professional couple shots from our big day on there, Kat commented on a few of my pics and asked me to submit to her beaut of a wedding mag.

If you haven’t come across Rock n Roll bride before, which I doubt, then let me explain…

Rock n roll bride is a wedding magazine and online blog filled with inspiration for current alternative brides to be and includes a whole bunch of creative inspo from real weddings through to suppliers, DIY’S and ideas towards your big day.

The main difference this mag has above the rest on the high street is its celebration of unique wedding design for those who truly want to be themselves and have fun with their day.

Rock n roll doesn’t just mean crazy cool rock chick! It’s for anyone who dares to be different and that’s why I love it!

So, a few months have now passed since that initial invitation to submit and I can proudly say that our tropical DIY wedding now sits proudly in Issue 13 which is out in stores and online NOW!

A massive thank you to Kat and her team for featuring us and for anyone who is pondering whether to submit to a magazine, read the submission details and GO FOR IT!!

While I’m here, I just want to thank all our wonderful suppliers again from our big day….

Ami Lowman of Lo & Behold– Who did all our Wedding Styling & Styling Photography!

Oana Damir – Who photographed our big day!

Karen at Vinnies Vintage Vehicles– Who drove us round in her powder blue beetle.

Carl at Carl Christian Cakes– Who made us the most beautiful 3 tier marble cake ever!

Soraya and her team at Ultraviolet- Who bought my wild protea bouquet to life!

Sarah at Rosies Vineyard– Who did all our catering and reception details!




Festive Fun

Hey Guys! We’ve been busy decking out our apartment ready for Christmas 2016! Our first Christmas as Husband and Wife..Cute huh!

As always, I tend not to go down the “traditional” festive route when it comes to decor so, if you’re into something a little different then hopefully this might give you a bit of inspiration.

This year consisted mainly of pink, green and gold hues with a tropical vibe that we seemed to have permanently  adopted ever since our wedding and I’m still loving! Emerald Green is HUGE this year for interiors so that might also be a reason why I just can’t seem to shake off having some shade of green within our home.

As with decor, our gift wrap is also never traditional and this year we picked up some tropical flamingo and pineapple print gift wrap from John Lewis as well as some velvet ribbons and gold speckled wrap to partner it.

Alot of our new decorations are also from John Lewis this year, including the gold palm leaf ones which I adore! (These could totally stay up all year round.) I also got gifted a pink pineapple decoration from my beautiful gal pal Tassie which she picked up in Oliver Bonas..I think it’s my fav!

Anyway….Here’s a few snaps of this years decs. I hope you all have a truly wonderful Christmas and we’ll be back with more design and interior inspo in the new year! kroma_xmasdecor_1





Our Tropical Inspired DIY Wedding
















kj250kjphotosSPECIAL MEMORIESkjkate

So, we got hitched! And it really was the best day ever. From the little details that we worked endlessly on, to the most important part of promising our love for one another, everything was perfect.

On the morning of our big day and with some sleep, I arised early in my old childhood loft room back home that my mumma and I had styled with all my favourite things. Joined firstly by my mum with a warm cup of tea, then my sister and two best friends. Feeling excited and weirdly calm, we had a little natter then headed downstairs for croissants and bucks fizz to kick off the celebrations.

We all styled our own long locks and did our own makeup so getting ready was lots of fun with music playing from my mum’s little green radio and strawberries on hand for a light snack along the way!

Seeing my floral designs for the first time was so lovely and made everything a little bit more real! Soraya at ultraviolet bought my oversized bouquet to life with a beautiful bold protea as my focal flower and lots of eucalyptus to create a fresh and wild bouquet. Soraya and her team also created a head piece made from blushing bride proteas (absolutely love this name!) as well as pretty pink astilbe and a little more foliage.

Seeing my girl gang (I bought all my girls a little girl gang pin from Cutesy Huge on etsy!) all dolled up and ready to roll was so exciting. We loved that my mum’s dress was called “The Kate dress” and my Dad looked so dapper in his suit and braces. My little flower girl Holly matched me in ivory with a pleated flowing shift dress with 3D floral embellishments and a floral crown.

Time seemed to fly by and before I knew it, we were rushing my shoes on and jumping in the car for a quick dash to Milldam House.

With the previous wedding running slightly late, I had a little time to compose myself and let the nerves settle. (Plus my sister and I did a few breathing exercises in the toilet just before!) Everything felt a little strange, a little exciting, a little nerve racking and a little surreal. I just couldn’t wait to see Joff’s face.

Our ceremony was a simple service that lasted ten minutes and was just what we wanted. It was simple but oh so very special. The main thing I can remember is my right leg shaking at what felt like 100 times per second. I’m just glad my crochet trailing gown seemed to distract from this and no one seemed to notice!

We exchanged rings, declared our love for one another and we had officially made it to married life! With a few family snaps in the house garden, we then took a little drive in our hired powder blue beetle to a butterfly house to hide from the drizzle and get some couple shots together.

Sheltering from the rain, we used our super fun tiki umbrellas from Sunny in Soho who so very kindly sent us a few for our day. The pineapple print tied in so well with our theme and we were so impressed with the design, we have been using these repeatedly since coming back from our honeymoon to the British weather!

The staff at the museum were so lovely and welcoming, sectioning off the butterfly house for us to have some privacy as well as gifting us some beautiful butterflies to take away. The whole shoot felt so special and was one of my favourite parts of the day. I had so much happiness and adrenaline running through me, I just felt so very blessed.

After our twenty minute shoot, we then headed onto to catch up with our guests at Rosie’s vineyard where my amazing friend Ami had set up all our tropical inspired wedding decor that morning!. Now, Ami deserves a special mention here, as she was one of a few friends who offered her time, free of charge to help us out. Ami did all our styling from table decor and menus through to our garden layout and it was incredible! [Ami also has a blog called Lotales and is getting married next year to her lovely partner Maxwell who also came to help! So go check out her page as I can’t wait for their big day!]

After we had managed to take it all in, we all sat down for some bbq grub and prepared ourselves for the speeches! Now, I hadn’t planned on saying anything on our big day in terms of speeches but, for some reason, a few days before I picked up the courage to type something up just in case I was feeling confident enough and I did it! This was a big thing for me and another moment I will always remember and be proud of. I really don’t like speaking in front of large groups but there were so many people who I wanted to thank and I also wanted to be a bit fierce [I don’t think I’ll ever be fierce! ] and fight tradition.

After food and a little tipple, we could relax and take in the evening reception starting with cutting our amazing three tier marble cake by Carl Christian ! The cake consisted of Victoria sponge, coffee and carrot and was oh so delicious!

With our evening guests beginning to arrive, the staff at Rosies bought out the bacon baps, pink donuts and we played our music playlist which consisted of our favourite tunes including September by Earth Wind and Fire.

And we danced and danced and danced and I changed into my gold Dr Martens and then we danced some more!

Our whole day was photographed by another extremely talented friend of mine, Oana Damir, who got some incredible shots of us and knew just what we were after. Another talented friend, Matthew Tiller, also filmed our wedding video which we are so grateful for! We have so many creative folk here in Southsea, it was great to keep things local from flowers and cake through to photography and styling.

Other thanks include Max and Rob for the PA System.


VIDEOGRAPHER: Matthew Tiller


Getting Hitched, Entry 14: War Paint!


Today I wanted to share with you my wedding makeup trial photos!

I’ve been back and fourth with my girls for months deciding whether we should have our hair and makeup professionally done for my wedding day and I have finally settled with my original idea of just doing it ourselves! After all, who knows your skin more than you right? You know what you like and dislike, how products work for your skin and hair, colours that suit you and looks that you love and hate.

I did go and have a couple of wedding hair trials with my hairdressers and, although beautiful, I felt that they just weren’t me. I know a lot of gals love to go for something different for their big day which I totally get, but I still want Joff to know it’s me walking towards him down that aisle and not someone else!

So, with all that in mind, we put together lots of different looks in my scrap book and got to work! The hair was easy so I know I’ll cope with doing that myself on the day.

The makeup, I needed a little help with! So my beautiful sister and maid of honour, who did my makeup for my brother’s wedding last September and is a total boss at it, gave me a little hand! It’s so nice to have familiar faces helping you out on your big day. That way I know I’ll feel relaxed and happy and we can have a little giggle along the way!

So, here are a few pics of my first bridal trial, which was also just a big excuse to drink prosecco and eat coconut ice cream [which was delicious!]


Bold, embellished and embroidered.


Welcome back to my creative Wednesday posts! This week I thought I’d do an inspiration post looking at a top summer trend for 2016!

For those who are wondering why I talk so much about fashion when my main avenue is Illustration/ design… It’s where I find the majority of my inspiration. I have always enjoyed sitting down looking through fashion magazines and have been filled with so much inspiration and ideas that it is something that I still do very frequently (I’d recommend subscribing to your fav mag if you buy regularly…you’ll save so much dosh in the long run!)

This season, embellishment is BIG! I’m talking bold prints covered in beautifully detailed embroidery, lots of texture, patterns, 3D embellishments and FLORAL!!! I feel like this particular trend has come at the right time for myself, what with getting married this summer.

It is such a playful and feminine trend which can be modernised with fresh ideas as well as very nostalgic, taking prints from the 1960’s and 70’s and mixing them with modern fabrics and colours.

I’ve seen so much of this trend about from high end fashion labels through to the high street from home ware to fashion, bridal to basics so there is definitely something for everyone!

I’ve collated a few of my favourites over the past few months! Here they are: Links included!



Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11

Getting Hitched: Entry 2, Save the date!

Welcome back to my wedding posts! A massive thank you to all of you who read my first wedding diary post last Sunday! It proved to be rather popular so I’m very excited to continue writing these!

For my second diary entry, I thought I’d talk a bit about choosing a date for our wedding as well as designing our “Save the date” cards.

So, for those who are currently planning their weddings or those who are already married, after agreeing that you want to marry your partner (this is very important! ha) the next obvious thing to talk about would seem to be the date, right? ….. Well, in our case, I actually purchased my wedding dress before we’d even set our date! Ha (More about that in the next post!)

When we announced our engagement in January and then began telling our friends & families that we would also be getting married the same year, many were quite surprised and shocked. Don’t get me wrong, they were over the moon that we were getting hitched! I think the main concern was TIME! Would we have enough time to do everything we wanted? Enough time to save for it? Enough time to celebrate being engaged?  etc, etc!

Well, our answer to this was simple… If you can plan to bring a little human being into the world within 9 months, then you can definitely plan for a one day event!

So far, we’ve got most things ticked off our list and still have just under 5 months left! I don’t think we could have done it without making endless lists though! (This is my control freak personality coming through but it’s making me feel so relaxed about the whole thing!)

We wanted to have our big day on the same number date as our anniversary (the 3rd) and we were so lucky as there was only one space left for that particular date and the time was 3pm too! (It must have been fate right?)  What we both knew from the very beginning was that we wanted a very intimate, relaxed wedding with a non-formal feel. The vibe we have picked for the day is a modern botanical feel with a chilled BBQ celebration.

So, when the date was confirmed, we put together some ideas for our save the date cards and got making! Where we are both creative, we knew that we would be designing most aspects of the wedding ourselves. These are the bits we are most excited about! It’s definitely the best time to show your personalities and put your own stamp on things.

We put together a colour scheme, designed a simple save the date, then Joff screen printed the design onto grey marble card that we grabbed off ebay!

And here they are!

I’ve also linked up some other save the dates that are very beautiful for anyone looking for some summer themed wedding inspiration!


Marble Save the date Inspiration

Tropical Save the date Inspiration

Botanical Save the date Inspiration

Calligraphy Save the date Inspiration



Always judge a book by it’s cover

Morning guys!

Spring is here and I haven’t blogged in ages! Spring is my absolute favourite season of the year. I think it’s the lighter evenings, sprinkle of sunshine and pastel colour schemes that keep me calm and inspired at the same time. I feel that spring and summer are the seasons that best fit with my vision of Kroma as a brand too.

A lot has happened between January and March this year. Firstly, I got engaged! And am getting married! THIS YEAR! (I know, scary right!?) I have a lot of new products launching this year for Kroma too! Including a running theme that is very close to my heart. ( More of that later! )

But what I can tell you is that, after some consideration, I have decided to run a “Wedding” post section within my blog. This is something that I feel is very personal but also reflects me as a designer as a lot of the decisions I have been making have been inspired by my creative lifestyle. So, I thought I could bring you along for the journey! Which is now only 6 months away!

Anyway, to begin my first spring post, I thought I’d show you some creative books that I am loving at the moment. There is quite a mixture of themes including academic , creative advice, visual inspiration and a journal entry.

I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but I’m sure many of you creatives can relate that as visual people, this is how our brains work! I decided to choose four books that I feel totally live up to their beautiful covers and have given you a little visual snippet into their worlds. Enjoy!


Akademie x Lessons in Art + Life: An inspirational and practical guide on how to live a creative life. – Devised by the world’s most thought-provoking artists and writers.

Babe- Bringing together the work of over 30 international female artists all demonstrating an engagement with female identity.

Vestoj, On Failure- Issue No 6 from the journal of sartorial matters, in a society that venerates success, few things are as alarming as the prospect of failure.

Feelings – A collation of “Soft Art”




Winter Wishes

This week I thought I’d show you some of the winter colour combinations I am really enjoying at the moment.

I get a lot of my colour inspiration through clothing and fashion trends and tend to wear colours that I am currently using in my illustrative work. There is a definite 70’s vibe plastering the fashion rails this winter and one thing I am in LOVE with is STRIPES!

Another pattern that has seen me through last winter and is still in my top 5 is MARBLE! Last Christmas, my sister bought me a beautiful marble blanket scarf from Monki and I am still wearing it this season. I love that the marble print is versatile enough to fit into fashion and home ware. It’s such a luxurious pattern.

I am also loving typical winter colours such as rich wines and emeralds, teals, frosty pinks and icy blues, nude tones & of course, you cannot forget any kind of metallic hue!

I’ve put together a couple of colour charts plus a few of my favourite winter garments that are out there. The majority of clothes are from ASOS because I am in love with this site and have been ever since I could buy my own stuff online! (So since 16!)

All links are below!



Kate Bishop- Winter Wishes 1Kate Bishop- Winter Wishes 2Kate Bishop- Winter Wishes 3Kate Bishop- Winter Wishes 5Kate Bishop- Winter Wishes 4

ASOS Striped Jumper /ASOS Metallic Clutch Bag /H&M Nude Ankle Boots /ASOS Metallic Lace Dress /ASOS Faux Fur Clutch Bag  /ASOS/SUZYWAN Earrings /ASOS Cat eye Sunglasses /ASOS Striped Blouse