Getting Hitched, Entry 15: Florals


Today, I thought I’d share with you my inspiration towards my wedding flowers.

At first, I thought about creating my own bouquet made of artificial flowers but, since having a wander around my local Southsea florist Ultraviolet and looking for inspiration, I decided to ask their team of professionals to create my bridal and grooms party flowers leaving the decor bits to our creative hands.

So, when I say bridal and grooms party flowers, I mean mine and my bridesmaid’s bouquets, hair flowers, buttonholes, corsages and cake flowers.

I am not really one for a traditional bridal bouquet of “put- together” roses and much prefer the bigger, wilder bouquets with trailing ribbon and foliage with accents of colour. Choosing my focal flower was actually a lot easier than I thought and, by using Pinterest as always, it was a really lovely experience picking and putting together ideas for my bouquet.

My main bouquet will be made up of pink florals and green foliage. My girls will be matching with fewer florals and green foliage in their hair. The boys will have pink buttonholes and green foliage will sit on top of our cake. I have also opted for a floral hair crown which I cannot wait to wear!

So, for now, I thought I’d share with you some of the flowers that will be a part of my bouquet that the lovely Soraya and her team at Ultraviolet will be designing!

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Getting Hitched, Entry 14: War Paint!


Today I wanted to share with you my wedding makeup trial photos!

I’ve been back and fourth with my girls for months deciding whether we should have our hair and makeup professionally done for my wedding day and I have finally settled with my original idea of just doing it ourselves! After all, who knows your skin more than you right? You know what you like and dislike, how products work for your skin and hair, colours that suit you and looks that you love and hate.

I did go and have a couple of wedding hair trials with my hairdressers and, although beautiful, I felt that they just weren’t me. I know a lot of gals love to go for something different for their big day which I totally get, but I still want Joff to know it’s me walking towards him down that aisle and not someone else!

So, with all that in mind, we put together lots of different looks in my scrap book and got to work! The hair was easy so I know I’ll cope with doing that myself on the day.

The makeup, I needed a little help with! So my beautiful sister and maid of honour, who did my makeup for my brother’s wedding last September and is a total boss at it, gave me a little hand! It’s so nice to have familiar faces helping you out on your big day. That way I know I’ll feel relaxed and happy and we can have a little giggle along the way!

So, here are a few pics of my first bridal trial, which was also just a big excuse to drink prosecco and eat coconut ice cream [which was delicious!]


Getting Hitched, Part 12: Bridal Shower


I cannot wait to show you guys this next post….my tropical bridal shower!

So, on Saturday, my lovely mum and sister hosted me the most wonderful bridal shower as a surprise with all my close friends and family in attendance and it was magical!

From the decor to the food and games, they did everything and more. My mum made pink lemonade which she filled in a green glass drinks dispenser and my sister set up a little cocktail bar which she decorated with paper garlands that she made by hand! They made coconut, pineapple and Malibu ice cream with fresh strawberries and watermelon that sat in little Hawaiian paper tubs. My Aunties made sausage rolls and mint green tie dye cup cakes with faux floral foliage sat on top of a painted gold cake stand. My cousin made the most delicious batch of chocolate brownies!

There were jars and jars of sweeties that they had collected secretly over the month before and my dad had been popping out to our local vintage sweet shop to pick them up each week [as well as eating a few on the way home!] There was Pimms and lemonade with fresh cucumber and old school tubs of popcorn for everyone to share. Then, for our main meal, we had a delicious selection of pizzas including Hawaiian !

We started off with drinks while I took in all the decor [after crying my eyes out when I first saw it as I was a bit emosh!] With 200+ old photographs hanging around the room, confetti balloons and gold foil curtains, there was just so much to take in.

After I’d passed through all the food and photographs, I made it to the garden where they had set up a little tropical display [flowers in pineapples, crystal gems, marble, more watermelon!] as well as a peacock chair wedding gift with a little white floppy sun hat sat on top ready for honeymoon.

The sofas were decorated with tropical print cushions. Typography and leaf garlands hung across the garden and paper pineapples dangled from the front door. Everyone wore tropical print and we started off the party with a “Mr and Mrs” quiz which was so fun! and slightly hilarious!

After lots of music and photos, Becky bought out some faux henna tattoos and we got a little carried away with them (particularly my mum) All my girls bought me a pair of tropical knickers which I thought was so fun! I got a print with all their kisses on and they also all wrote me a little letter that I took home and read the next day….Lets just say, there were a fear more happy tears. Then, after all that, we made it to Southsea to dance the night away. So, here are the photos of a day I shall never forget!

DSC_0800DSC_0803DSC_0812DSC_0818DSC_0820DSC_0827DSC_0831DSC_0833DSC_0854DSC_0870DSC_0937DSC_1100DSC_1102DSC_1103DSC_1107DSC_1163DSC_1165DSC_1167DSC_1169222DSC_1151 copy2Kisses

Getting Hitched, Entry 11: Bridal Shower Inspo


I am so excited that this weekend I get to celebrate all over again for the 2nd part of my bridal celebration: “The bridal party”.

My maid of honour [sister] and mum have planned all of this part for me so I have no idea about what’s happening….which has been soooo very difficult to deal with as I’m such a control freak!

All I know is the theme I have asked for is Tropical so I thought I’d show you all some tropical themed bridal showers as a bit of inspiration!

katebishop_Bridal inspo_drinkKatebishop_bridalinspo_aloha1katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha2katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha3katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha4katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha5katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha6katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha7katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha8katebishop_bridalinspo_aloha9katebishop_bridalinspo_babyshower192katebishop_bridalinspo-malibubarbiekatebishop-bridalinspo-aloha10



Getting Hitched, Entry 5: You’re Invited!

Hey! I thought I’d share with you this week’s wedding post a little later than usual in order for us all to enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

The weeks are going by so quickly now and we have finally printed and posted out our invitations to all our guests TODAY! So, I thought I’d show you our design!

We created our invitations ourselves with our wedding colour scheme in mind and then popped over to Joff’s work one evening to screen print them all. We wanted something quite clean and sophisticated that showed all the information clearly but still showed our creative personalities.

We opted for a powder pink type on an emerald green invitation matched with powder pink envelope. We are so pleased with how they all turned out!



Getting Hitched, Entry 4: Ebay Bride?

When someone says they’ve purchased their wedding dress from ebay, most people’s initial reaction is FEAR, WORRY, DISASTER!!! And yes, a fashion disaster can end up happening but that definitely isn’t always the case.

Before we’d even planned the date of our wedding after Joff proposed, I immediately knew that I wanted to save money on my dress and find something on ebay. So, for this week’s diary, I thought I’d share with you my experience!

Now, I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been selling and buying on ebay for ten years now so I am a lot more confident in finding my way around, looking for specific details and knowing I’m buying something that looks like the photo shown.

Buying my wedding dress from ebay is a totally different experience from arriving at a beautiful bridal boutique with my closest posse of bridesmaids, family & friends to support me in probably the biggest clothing purchase of my life. I haven’t even ventured into that world yet and, now that I’ve found my dress, I don’t think I will.

Buying your wedding dress on ebay isn’t for everyone.Therefore, if being pampered, having help and support, seeing the dress before you buy it and drinking so much champagne that the cost of the dress really doesn’t matter any more (I’m just exaggerating here!) is your thing, then ebay probably isn’t the place for you! With ebay, you search online, you bid online, you buy online and then hope for the best…. kind of.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a tonne of bridal boutiques that cater for lower budgets, alternative dressing, ex-stock etc so you can definitely get a bargain and still have that amazing experience. But when I mention a bargain wedding dress, I’m not talking £500 instead £2,500, I’m talking £50- £150 MAXIMUM! (I told you I was saving!)

Before I decided that ebay was the place for me, I thought it was a really good idea to have in mind the kind of dress that I was trying to find and where better to do this than on Pinterest. Pinterest is an explosion of bridal themed images and wedding inspiration for you to admire.  I got a really good idea of the type of dress I wanted by searching through pinterest and putting together a board of images that inspired me. I ended up with three similar styles of bridal gowns that I really loved.

Once I had an idea of dress style, fabric and colour (if only it was as easy as “white” or “cream”) I searched through some high end and high street websites to see what they had on offer and how much things cost just to get an idea. Then, the next thing I did was search for similar or identical items on ebay!!

When searching for my wedding dress on ebay, I always made sure I followed this set of rules:

  • The dress must be coming from the United Kingdom
  • The seller must have a high rating of sales prior to your purchase (50+ positive sales is a good start)
  • There must be visible photographs of ALL aspects of the gown including front and back, up close detail as well as photographs of the labels (especially if they are designer- this will prove you’re getting something legitimate !)
  • Measurements and an accurate listing of the colour of the dress must be listed in the description (the more info provided the better and if there’s something missing, always message the seller and ask as many questions before you bid)
  • Always message the seller prior to bidding, even if it’s asking something you already know, to see how active they are on the site and how much communication they are willing to give you.
  • Try and make sure that the seller will be posting your dress out via recorded or tracked delivery.
  • Ask the reasons why they are selling the dress- Now, you may get an awkward reply that they purchased a dress then never went through with their wedding OR you may get some useful information about how the dress was wrong for their hourglass figure or looked too boyish on them etc. It will give you a better idea of why the dress is for sale in the first place!
  • ALWAYS try and get the seller to put up a photo of the dress on a model or mannequin. Again, this will give you a better idea of how the dress will fit/hang/ look on you instead of a plastic hanger!

Finding a dress on ebay wasn’t easy. It has taken me 4 months of weekly searching and even when I thought I’d found thee one, I ended up finding something else instead! In total, I purchased 4 wedding dresses from ebay to try for my wedding day. (Two were the same dress in different sizes.)

The down side for ebay buying is that you have to “try” after you buy so if you really have no idea about what you want, it definitely is a case of trial and error. Although, you can always sell your purchases back and even make a profit (which is what I ended up doing!)

Another thing I was personally worried about is not having that first moment with your closest friends and family when they can see you come out of the fitting room with your gown on. So, after I had purchased my dress and tried it on myself, I invited family over to have a look and the reaction was still just as magical (my mum cried!) so there are still ways of making those beautiful moments and memories!

If you have any questions or tips about buying through ebay, I’d love to hear from you. Below are some photographs from my Pinterest Bridal Inspiration board!!

bohemian- wedding- kromabykate
Chic- wedding- kromabykate
Dip dye- wedding- kromabykate
Dip Dye
floral- wedding- kromabykate
Geometric- wedding - kromabykate
lace- wedding- kromabykate
Sequins- wedding - kromabykate
two piece- wedding- kromabykate
vintage- wedding- kromabykate
Whitney Port- wedding-kromabykate






Bold, embellished and embroidered.


Welcome back to my creative Wednesday posts! This week I thought I’d do an inspiration post looking at a top summer trend for 2016!

For those who are wondering why I talk so much about fashion when my main avenue is Illustration/ design… It’s where I find the majority of my inspiration. I have always enjoyed sitting down looking through fashion magazines and have been filled with so much inspiration and ideas that it is something that I still do very frequently (I’d recommend subscribing to your fav mag if you buy regularly…you’ll save so much dosh in the long run!)

This season, embellishment is BIG! I’m talking bold prints covered in beautifully detailed embroidery, lots of texture, patterns, 3D embellishments and FLORAL!!! I feel like this particular trend has come at the right time for myself, what with getting married this summer.

It is such a playful and feminine trend which can be modernised with fresh ideas as well as very nostalgic, taking prints from the 1960’s and 70’s and mixing them with modern fabrics and colours.

I’ve seen so much of this trend about from high end fashion labels through to the high street from home ware to fashion, bridal to basics so there is definitely something for everyone!

I’ve collated a few of my favourites over the past few months! Here they are: Links included!



Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

Image 9

Image 10

Image 11