Nursery Tour

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally got round to creating a little nursery tour for you all.

Now my favourite room within our home, we wanted our bebe’s nursery to be a calming, gender neutral space with a pastel colour palette and eclectic theme.

I’m not going to lie, in the beginning, the plan for this nursery was very different to it’s end result. But pregnancy hormones, a change of mind and season got me completely hating on the original colour palette and theme (teal space themed created over the winter time) so this is what we came up with and I really am in love.

I wanted to use as much natural wooden and rattan furniture within the space to warm up the cool grey colour that we used on the walls. I then painted a pastel mountain mural (loosely inspired by salvation mountain) as the main feature wall.

We wanted to stay away from the typical baby items but still make this room as functional as possible so Joff made an over the cot changing unit out of chip board and we added a pretty handle from anthropologie so that we can easily move it about. One of my favourite pieces in the room.

I fell in love with the rainbow mirror I picked up on sale at Urban Outfitters but felt something was missing when we hung it up. So I grabbed some fringing off of ebay and added it to the ends.

I also love the fact that the rattan peacock chair was a bridal shower gift from my parents and the moses basket used to be mine and my sibling’s when we were babes!

The wardrobe, an ebay find, was one of the first pieces of furniture we purchased and based our colour theme around. It’s vintage and was already painted in that beautiful dusky green colour.

I have tried to link everything below for those who are interested!


Cot : IKEA | Wall Paint : Valspar | Rainbow Mirror : Urban Outfitters | Fringing : Ebay | Tie Dye Muslin Sheet : Etsy | Green Dinosaur Toy : Zara Home | Large Teddy Bear : Gifted | Wooden Blanket Rail : Ebay | Knitted blankets : Handmade Gifted | Fringed Unicorn Toy : Anthropologie | Pastel Marble Quilt : Gifted (Emma Nicol Illustration) | Natural fringed toy basket : Marks and Spencer | Large pastel screen print : Created by Joff | Large Wooden Frame : The Range | Silver Metal Toy Suitcase trunks: Habitat | Natural Jute Rug : Urban Outfitters | Sophie Giraffe Natural Rubber Toy : John Lewis | Mustard Memory Book : Meminio | Terrazo Light and ceiling shade : John Lewis | Wardrobe : Ebay | Breastfeeding print : The Plant Room | Dinosaur toys : Ebay | Leather journals : Anthropologie |Wooden baby gym : Ebay | Wooden baby gym toys : Etsy | Moses Basket : Gifted | Wooden moses basket stand : Ebay | Rattan peacock chair : Gifted | Rainbow Cushion: H&M | Rabbit Toy : Gifted | Peach Curtains : Ebay | Nude Changing Bag: ASOS | Blue Jumper : Handmade & Gifted | Rompers : Zara Mini | Suede Jacket : H&M | Changing Mat : John Lewis | Changing Table : Handmade | Changing Table handle : Anthropologie | Rattan storage and baskets : Ebay.


Good Morning!

I’m back with a new #hausseries all about the rug life! For those decor enthusiasts like myself, you’ll probably all agree that a rug can have a big impact on your space.

Whether its a flat rug, thick pile, shaggy, modern, traditional, abstract, oriental, vintage; a rug can be a statement maker, space filler, grubby carpet cover and overall killer item!

I didn’t choose the rug life, the rug life chose me. Here’s my top finds this season…



Happy New Year!

I hope that 2017 has got off to a great start for you all.

To kick things off for Kroma, I have been working on some new styling ideas for our home living space to give it a sophisticated lift. I don’t know whether it’s being married, starting a new year or just plain growing older but I have noticed my style taste changing dramatically over the last few months. My once rainbow world of white Scandinavian backdrops filled with an assortment of colourful decor and equally colourful patterns has been stripped back a little (well quite a lot actually) and I feel myself being drawn to calmer, cooler tones that are just as appealing yet a little more “liveable”.

Long gone are the vivid fluorescent hues of corals and yellow and this year I’m making way to a new home vibe. Now, I’m not quite there yet with the #styleitdark vibes and still like my white backdrop, but for Winter into Spring I’m taking inspiration from my love for Palm Springs style and mixing it with bohemian textures and western prints….So welcome Modern Western!

Think emerald green hues, soft nudes, powder blue skies, Cactus Plants, Desert Sands, Cow print fabrics, shaggy rugs, brushed gold metal, native prints, wall hangings, woven baskets, protea flowers and eucalyptus leaves.

Think Joshua Tree landscape, California sunshine and just plain cosy, chilled living!

Textures are all a go with soft suede, animal hide, velvet, faux fur, linen and wool!

I am also loving the idea of rug “layering” where you basically layer one rug over another to add more dimension and texture to your interior. This particularly works well if you have a large plain flat rug that can be layered with a smaller patterned rug.

So, here’s our room plan as well as product mood board. Some of the pieces we have already invested in for our space and the rest (or something very similar) are hopefully on their way into our space over the next few months.

I will be keeping you updated on the progress of our space as we go along! If you’re interested in any of the products, everything is listed below!

*TIP: Remember re-vamping doesn’t always mean spending loads. Opt for less expensive furniture by buying on ebay or second hand stores. Also, sell your unwanted pieces first!


Flat Rug | White Wire Coffee Table | Grey Linen Sofa Bed | Green Velvet Cushion | Velvet Cow Hide Cushion | Marble Cushion | Taupe Velvet Cushions | Textured Linen Basket | Bamboo Basket | Vinyl Frames | Brushed Gold Lampshade | Desert Sands Print | Blush Footstool | Mountain Cushion.



Festive Fun

Hey Guys! We’ve been busy decking out our apartment ready for Christmas 2016! Our first Christmas as Husband and Wife..Cute huh!

As always, I tend not to go down the “traditional” festive route when it comes to decor so, if you’re into something a little different then hopefully this might give you a bit of inspiration.

This year consisted mainly of pink, green and gold hues with a tropical vibe that we seemed to have permanently  adopted ever since our wedding and I’m still loving! Emerald Green is HUGE this year for interiors so that might also be a reason why I just can’t seem to shake off having some shade of green within our home.

As with decor, our gift wrap is also never traditional and this year we picked up some tropical flamingo and pineapple print gift wrap from John Lewis as well as some velvet ribbons and gold speckled wrap to partner it.

Alot of our new decorations are also from John Lewis this year, including the gold palm leaf ones which I adore! (These could totally stay up all year round.) I also got gifted a pink pineapple decoration from my beautiful gal pal Tassie which she picked up in Oliver Bonas..I think it’s my fav!

Anyway….Here’s a few snaps of this years decs. I hope you all have a truly wonderful Christmas and we’ll be back with more design and interior inspo in the new year! kroma_xmasdecor_1



Wall Art


Today I thought I’d do more of a general decor/creative post and show you around the variety of artwork that we have within our home.

We have quite an eclectic mix of prints, all of which we absolutely love and come from around the globe. I shall try and put all links to each artist’s work at the very end if any of you are interested in their designs or want to purchase anything!


To start things of, I thought I’d show you round my absolute favourite room of our home, the lounge. We have quite a variety of prints in this room as well as a couple of wall hangings. Where we have quite high ceilings, we wanted to create a growing gallery wall to show off the height as well as making the most of the space.

The tropical framed prints on our gallery wall are actually all wrapping paper prints that we’ve framed from Wrap Magazine. At the very top, we have framed three very special prints from my friend Tassie from Green Heart Design, who uses gold foil to create her Illustrations.

Then, in our our first alcove, we have a gorgeous weave hanging from Clementine Pepper.


In the second alcove of our lounge, we have two framed Illustrations from two separate designers. The first is by one of Joff’s favourite Illustrators. The second is by Jane from Little Tea Wagon. We are both obsessed with the Wes Anderson Film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and this is the only print I’ve found so far that I feel does the film justice in terms of modern design sophistication with hints of nostalgia. I love it!

We also have a couple of framed prints on our copper drinks trolley. The marble print is again, some wrapping paper purchased from Marks and Spencer and the second is a photograph I tore from Uppercase magazine.

The last couple of prints from this room I purchased from San Francisco artist Christine Schmidt who runs Yellow Owl Workshop and I think they may be my favourites. I am hoping to buy some more of her prints very soon.


We are currently adding to our hall way of prints and so far have three main prints on show including a monochrome print by McBess (Joff’s all time favourite Illustrator), a super humorous print by Manchester based Illustrator Amy Victoria Marsh and a little print we picked up at Made in Brighton this year by Wit Shop.

Our opposite room we decided to paint mint green and have added a set of smaller Wes Anderson Film inspired prints by Little Tea Wagon.


Our bedroom consists of mainly monochrome pieces including some more framed Illustrations by McBess as well as a Graffiti piece we purchased from a street artist in Lanzarote a few years ago.


Our bathroom mainly consists of lots of plants and a few wall hangings, however we do have one ickle print in here by Illustrator Emily Gilbert. This print goes so well with our bathroom decor and is such a beautiful serene Illustration.


So, there they are all! We have a few more to put up so I’m sure I’ll do another update when they are all on display!

Copper Christmas: Part 2 “Decor”

It’s nearly Christmas!

December really has flown by. So, in the second part of my Christmas posts, I thought I’d show you around our festive decorations a little more.

Kate Bishop- CChristmas DecorKate Bishop- xmas1Kate Bishop- xmas2Kate Bishop-xmas3Kate Bishop- xmas 4Kate Bishop- xmas 5Kate Bishop-xmas7Kate Bishop- xmas 11Kate Bishop- xmas 9Kate Bishop- xmas 8Kate Bishop- xmas 10Kate Bishop-xmas 6Kate Bishop-xmas 12

A month or so ago, I found a 1970’s copper and marble drinks trolley on ebay and fell in love with it. I thought it would be a great purchase for our lounge and look great for the festive season as well as all year round.( I also recently found out that my great grandma had a similar one in gold from the 70’s! – How sweet!)

Drinks trolleys seem to be coming back into fashion and can be quite expensive when bought new so I’d definitely recommend hunting down an original piece on ebay or in charity shops.

I’ve stocked our trolley full of drinks ready for our guests and have put out our copper glasses from TKMAXX. The copper vases are from habitat which I managed to grab in the sale. They are more ornamental rather than for flowers so I decided to put some fake wintry pieces in them that I picked up from Wilkinsons.

We purchased our snow speckled Christmas tree (Our first proper one!- how exciting!) from ebay and shopped around for lots of metallic baubles in brighton.  Most of our tree decorations were purchased from next, including the large gold ones which I love. I also managed to find some grey marble ones from H&M home which I think are my favourite!

For the kitchen, I bought the majority of our table decor from H&M home. They have some beautiful things in stock at the moment particularly in metallics and greys.

Our dining table is a 1950’s one which was given to us. We sanded the legs down and re painted and varnished the top in a mint green to match our hallway which runs straight into the kitchen.

I was only going to decorate the lounge this Christmas but because it’s our first home together, I got carried away and now most rooms have something festive in them! To spread the festive cheer around the home, we purchased some garlands and wreaths from The Range and B&Q and added them to any spare mirrors and doors!!

So, there we have it, our festive decorations. Enjoy & thanks for reading!


Copper Christmas: Part 1.”Gift Wrapping”

I have been well and truly getting into the festive spirit over the past few weeks so I thought I’d do a few posts showing you guys some of our Christmas decor and inspiration for the run up to Crimbo!

My first post is all about gift wrapping…..

When it comes to Christmas gift wrapping, I tend to stay away from the typical and traditional style and colour schemes of the festive season and end up buying most of my gift wrap from the “Birthday” or “celebration” sections of stores.

This year I wanted to choose something that went with my love of copper and marble but also matched our lounge which is mainly an array of pastel tones of mint green and blush. I managed to pick up some beautiful wrap from Marks and Spencer this season. The first was a blush and gold/copper leaf marble patterned wrap (I was sooooo pleased to see marble gift wrap on the high street!) and the second was a mint green geometric gift wrap with hints of forest and navy (For the boys!)

I purchased a selection of ribbons from my local fabric store as well as some floral wrap & pastel gift bags from Tesco. I also had a handful of baubles from last Christmas that we didn’t want to use this year due to a change of colour scheme so decided to use these as our finishing touches.

And I was ready to wrap!



Kate Bishop-CChristmas 2Kate Bishop- CChristmas 11Kate Bishop- CChristmas 5Kate Bishop- CChristmas 8Kate Bishop- CChristmas 10Kate Bishop- CChristmas 3Kate Bishop- CChristmas 4Kate Bishop- CChristmas 7Kate Bishop- CChristmas 9Kate Bishop- CChristmas 6Kate Bishop- CChristmas 1



DIY: Gold & Marble.

For this week’s post, I thought I’d try out a “Do it Yourself” that I found on Pinterest recently.

Since moving to a new studio space, I’ve wanted to change up my furniture a bit. As my brand is developing more, so is my style and I am slowly moving away from the fun and playful look and into something a bit more sophisticated.

Of course, changing up your furniture doesn’t necessarily mean going out and spending loads of pennies on new things and I wanted to try and make something of my existing pieces.

Some of you may have seen in my previous studio photos, that I have a lot of self standing shelving units that I purchased very cheaply from Ikea. Two of these units are identical and just plain silver metal so I thought that these would be a good start to trying out something new.

Kate Bishop- Ikea Hyllis Shelving

I trailed through pinterest for some ideas and came across this really easy tutorial from Style me Pretty to up cycle Ikea shelving into a “Gilded Bookshelf” . Obviously, you could choose whatever colours and patterns you like, but since I am in LOVE with marble and wanted something luxurious, I kept with Gold spray paint and grey self adhesive marble vinyl.

To do this at home, you’ll need:

Shelving Unit

Dust Sheets/ Well ventilated Space

Marble Self Adhesive Vinyl

Spray Paint (I used 1 can per unit)





Having two shelving units, I tried spray painting one after taking it apart and then tried out the second while it was still standing. I must say that, if you have the space, it is a lot easier to do it when it’s already been put together as it saves on spray paint and the unit supports itself so you can basically spray the whole thing without having to wait for pieces to dry.

The marble part is also very easy. I purchased my self adhesive from amazon and two rolls covered both units. The back of the adhesive is in cm grid format so is really easy to measure and cut.

I thought that the sticking part may be tricky but the adhesive peels off from it’s backing very easily and can be re-stuck if you’ve made a little error. Any air bubbles can be removed by simply smoothing over the surface from one end to the other. (I just used a dry cloth to rub out any air bubbles)

I would definitely recommend this to any marble lover or anyone who is wanting to create something luxurious on a low budget.


Here are my results. Enjoy! …..


Kate Bishop- DIY 1Kate Bishop- DIY 2

Kate Bishop- DIY 3Kate Bishop- DIY 4Kate Bishop- DIY 5

Autumn Decor

Since moving to our new home in June this year, we have been very busy decorating each room of our little flat on a budget.

We both like very clean white spaces with splashes of colour so that is what we’ve tried to achieve throughout.

We are now at the stage where we can say our lounge is finished so I thought I’d show you it in it’s current autumnal state. I haven’t really been able to play around with seasonal decor before having my own place, but now that I do, I absolutely love dressing the room to fit the season. I haven’t gone overboard, just hints of warmth.

In case you’re wondering, a lot of the things we purchase for our home are most likely to have either been thrifted and painted up (the mirror was an ex display Laura Ashley mirror I was given & then painted & the coffee table I purchased for £15 from a charity store whilst at university- we sanded down the varnish and painted the top) or purchased from Ikea/TKmaxx– both of which I LOVE!

A few things are also from ebay and alot of the artwork we purchase is from etsy.

With Halloween just gone, I created a small table display for our family guests when they visited- The flowers and veg are from lidl, the yellow candle is from Tiger (if you haven’t visited a tiger store before, you MUST! – think Ikea & the 99p store mixed together) and finally, the orange ombre holders are from Tkmaxx.



Kate_Bishop_Interior1 Kate_Bishop_Interior2Kate_Bishop_Interior3

Kate_Bishop_Interior4 Kate_Bishop_Interior5Kate_Bishop_Interior6