A Morning with the Glass Narrator

When you think of maternity photography, what do you think of? I know a lot of us think of the posed and positioned mamas-to-be in long flowing gowns with their bellies out looking super glamorous out in open fields. As beautiful as that photography is, I’ve always been pretty afraid of booking in a shoot like that because, apart from my husband Joff, I’ve never really had anyone else take a photograph of me.

I’ve always wanted some beautiful photos of my pregnancy to look back on in years to come but ones that were a little less staged, a little less posed and a little more “me”.

When Karah Mew, The Glass Narrator, contacted me about arranging a maternity and newborn shoot, I took a little look around her website and knew that this was something I’d be interested in booking.

Karah’s photography is realistic and focuses on the little details that are easily forgotten. The best part for me, is that she photographs you in your own home, surrounded by all the things that best represent you and make your feel most comfortable and confident.

On Karah’s arrival, I gave her a little tour of our home and she asked me about our favourite spots to hang out in. She then took a couple of hours to capture me and bump within those spaces. We had a couple of outfit changes, but everything recommended were things that made me feel comfortable.

Karah created a really relaxed atmosphere, and we chatted about our creative jobs, motherhood and she shared advice in a non invasive way which I was really grateful for (including the fact that she had successfully cloth-nappied her two babes, something that we are planning on doing ourselves! )

The photos Karah took that morning will always be very special to me. The last stage of pregnancy, 38 weeks, these photos show the calm, the waiting and portray exactly how I felt at that moment in time.

It was very hard to chose, but here are my three favourites, including a look into our nursery! – For more photos of our shoot, please check out Karah’s blog post here





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