Pregnancy Diaries #Second Trimester

Now that I am well into my third trimester of pregnancy, I thought I’d give a little update on what the second stage of expecting has been like for me.

The second stage of pregnancy (for me) was like a blissful little bubble of normality. The nausea had vanished, cravings were normal and sometimes I’d forget I was even expecting!

I know that every mama is different, but I have felt very lucky to feel no pain or discomfort through the second trimester and have been able to focus on preparing my body, staying active and looking after myself. (with a treat or two thrown in of course!)

The odd nose bleed did greet me on the occasional morning as well as a little milk leakage but my main memories of my second trimester include finding out the sex of our baby (we are having a little boy!) and watching my bump grow more and more.

Pregnancy has definitely allowed me to appreciate my body more and all the amazing changes it goes through. I also feel very lucky to not have experienced any dramatic hormonal changes. If anything, my anxiety through pregnancy has actually improved. (I say it’s because I always have a little friend with me when I’m feeling anxious to calm me down!)

It’s also the time when me and my husband realised that we needed to document my pregnancy more as time flies so quickly, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough photos of my bump to look back on.

So on the final week of the second trimester, we took our first proper set of pregnancy photographs and we’ve been snapping away ever since! – For this shoot I was inspired by vintage art deco mixed with some dreamy editing.

So, here they are!