Honey i’m Home

Welcome back!

This week I’m bringing you a batch of snaps from our Honeymoon to Skiathos, Greece. I’ll keep this short (because there are a tonne of photos!) and say that our two week stay mainly consisted of room service, pool vibes, birthday cocktails (Joff turned 26!), homemade granola, mermaid swims, moonlight walks, bus hopping, iced frappes and lots of tzatziki!

We stayed at the Mandraki boutique hotel (courtesy of my parents, Thank you!!) which looked like something out of a 1960’s movie set. I loved the dreamy pastel colours of each apartment block as well as all the bright white furniture, matching mustard towels for each sun bed and marble flooring (which was everywhere!)  It was perfect!

We arrived to a bright yellow ground floor apartment with a fresh bouquet of flowers and a bottle of gin (from mum and dad) , what better way to start off our little getaway!

So, here are (a few of) our fav snaps!












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