Wall Art


Today I thought I’d do more of a general decor/creative post and show you around the variety of artwork that we have within our home.

We have quite an eclectic mix of prints, all of which we absolutely love and come from around the globe. I shall try and put all links to each artist’s work at the very end if any of you are interested in their designs or want to purchase anything!


To start things of, I thought I’d show you round my absolute favourite room of our home, the lounge. We have quite a variety of prints in this room as well as a couple of wall hangings. Where we have quite high ceilings, we wanted to create a growing gallery wall to show off the height as well as making the most of the space.

The tropical framed prints on our gallery wall are actually all wrapping paper prints that we’ve framed from Wrap Magazine. At the very top, we have framed three very special prints from my friend Tassie from Green Heart Design, who uses gold foil to create her Illustrations.

Then, in our our first alcove, we have a gorgeous weave hanging from Clementine Pepper.


In the second alcove of our lounge, we have two framed Illustrations from two separate designers. The first is by one of Joff’s favourite Illustrators. The second is by Jane from Little Tea Wagon. We are both obsessed with the Wes Anderson Film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and this is the only print I’ve found so far that I feel does the film justice in terms of modern design sophistication with hints of nostalgia. I love it!

We also have a couple of framed prints on our copper drinks trolley. The marble print is again, some wrapping paper purchased from Marks and Spencer and the second is a photograph I tore from Uppercase magazine.

The last couple of prints from this room I purchased from San Francisco artist Christine Schmidt who runs Yellow Owl Workshop and I think they may be my favourites. I am hoping to buy some more of her prints very soon.


We are currently adding to our hall way of prints and so far have three main prints on show including a monochrome print by McBess (Joff’s all time favourite Illustrator), a super humorous print by Manchester based Illustrator Amy Victoria Marsh and a little print we picked up at Made in Brighton this year by Wit Shop.

Our opposite room we decided to paint mint green and have added a set of smaller Wes Anderson Film inspired prints by Little Tea Wagon.


Our bedroom consists of mainly monochrome pieces including some more framed Illustrations by McBess as well as a Graffiti piece we purchased from a street artist in Lanzarote a few years ago.


Our bathroom mainly consists of lots of plants and a few wall hangings, however we do have one ickle print in here by Illustrator Emily Gilbert. This print goes so well with our bathroom decor and is such a beautiful serene Illustration.


So, there they are all! We have a few more to put up so I’m sure I’ll do another update when they are all on display!

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