Getting Hitched, Part 12: Bridal Shower


I cannot wait to show you guys this next post….my tropical bridal shower!

So, on Saturday, my lovely mum and sister hosted me the most wonderful bridal shower as a surprise with all my close friends and family in attendance and it was magical!

From the decor to the food and games, they did everything and more. My mum made pink lemonade which she filled in a green glass drinks dispenser and my sister set up a little cocktail bar which she decorated with paper garlands that she made by hand! They made coconut, pineapple and Malibu ice cream with fresh strawberries and watermelon that sat in little Hawaiian paper tubs. My Aunties made sausage rolls and mint green tie dye cup cakes with faux floral foliage sat on top of a painted gold cake stand. My cousin made the most delicious batch of chocolate brownies!

There were jars and jars of sweeties that they had collected secretly over the month before and my dad had been popping out to our local vintage sweet shop to pick them up each week [as well as eating a few on the way home!] There was Pimms and lemonade with fresh cucumber and old school tubs of popcorn for everyone to share. Then, for our main meal, we had a delicious selection of pizzas including Hawaiian !

We started off with drinks while I took in all the decor [after crying my eyes out when I first saw it as I was a bit emosh!] With 200+ old photographs hanging around the room, confetti balloons and gold foil curtains, there was just so much to take in.

After I’d passed through all the food and photographs, I made it to the garden where they had set up a little tropical display [flowers in pineapples, crystal gems, marble, more watermelon!] as well as a peacock chair wedding gift with a little white floppy sun hat sat on top ready for honeymoon.

The sofas were decorated with tropical print cushions. Typography and leaf garlands hung across the garden and paper pineapples dangled from the front door. Everyone wore tropical print and we started off the party with a “Mr and Mrs” quiz which was so fun! and slightly hilarious!

After lots of music and photos, Becky bought out some faux henna tattoos and we got a little carried away with them (particularly my mum) All my girls bought me a pair of tropical knickers which I thought was so fun! I got a print with all their kisses on and they also all wrote me a little letter that I took home and read the next day….Lets just say, there were a fear more happy tears. Then, after all that, we made it to Southsea to dance the night away. So, here are the photos of a day I shall never forget!

DSC_0800DSC_0803DSC_0812DSC_0818DSC_0820DSC_0827DSC_0831DSC_0833DSC_0854DSC_0870DSC_0937DSC_1100DSC_1102DSC_1103DSC_1107DSC_1163DSC_1165DSC_1167DSC_1169222DSC_1151 copy2Kisses

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