Getting Hitched, Entry 9: All you need is love.

Morning! This week’s wedding post is a little bit special and something that I’ve decided to add into the line up for many reasons.

Today is my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary. 34 YEARS OF MARRIAGE! That’s super crazy and pretty amazing if you ask me.

With all the wedding planning and prepping and pinning we’ve been doing since we decided to get hitched, it can become very easy to get carried away with the pressures of the (extremely) little things that suddenly seem so very important and necessary! All those extra little details that I’ve started to become obsessed over having that will probably never got noticed on the day if they exist or not!

So, today, I thought I’d strip it back a little to the important things! For our wedding ceremony, we have decided to invite a very cosy number of 38 guests to witness our love for one another. 38 of our closest friends and family who mean very much to us. Some we see everyday, some every week, some twice a year.

What I have found, since we’ve started planning our big day, is the overwhelming amount of people who have offered to help us out ! I’m talking friends happy to photograph, set up the decor, film us, sort out the sound system, bake cakes……Family popping by with candles and lanterns they’ve bought, arranging wedding travel for our guests, and then there’s my parents who have helped us with so much of our wedding planning I don’t know what I would have done without them! They are the ones who have taught me about generosity, kindness, respect and never giving up on love!

I feel so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful human beings in our lives and we can’t wait to celebrate our big day with them!

So, here’s to Mum and Dad! May your love continue to shine!




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