Getting Hitched, Entry 8: Get me to the Church!


For today’s wedding post, I thought I’d talk a little about our travel.

It’s an interesting one for us as neither of us drive but both cycle or walk everywhere. I thought that by the time I’d get married, we would have our own little run around that we could pimp out for the day but with just under 3 months to go and me starting a new job tomorrow, I think it would be a little too much pressure to think I’d be able to learn to drive before my wedding day!!!

That said, it’s something we both want to learn once we’re hitched!

So, without our own transport for the wedding and the risk of being rained on if we cycled (we seriously did think about cycling though!) we decided to chose a vehicle that we’d love to own ourselves.

We love the 1960’s and 70’s and our home, our music sense and style reflect this but we also love the “now”… the modern age! We didn’t want to go traditional with a white car and I also wanted something that would compliment my wedding gown in colour.

I won’t show you guys just yet the car we decided to go for, but I will tell you the colour….It’s POWDER BLUE! A beautiful soft hue that should look stunning in our wedding photography.

So, for now, I thought I’d show you some of our inspiration towards our car decor! We definitely want some foliage, Joff is sign painting some drift wood he’s put together for the back and we’re getting inspired by tassels, tin cans and ribbons!





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