Getting Hitched, Entry 7: Let’s Eat!


This week I thought I’d share with you our ideas for our wedding food and drink seems as it’s up there with one of the most important things to think of for the day!

Although it’s important that both you and your guests get a decent meal on your wedding day to stop those rumbling bellies and grumpy moods, the food itself can literally be anything you want.

We know the traditional way to go about a wedding feast is to begin with a welcome drink, maybe a few canapés, moving into a toast, the starter, the main then finally the dessert (which actually isn’t the final bit as you’ve then got your CAKE! and anything else you want to add in for the evening!)

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me that is a lot for one to eat within a small amount of time!  Where we are getting hitched at 15:00 pm, we are classing our wedding feast as dinner and wanted something that would go with our whole theme of a relaxed, chilled celebration. A BBQ! – We’re going about it the chilled way with a BBQ Buffet and chocolate strawberries dessert! (So yummy right!)

We also want to make sure we pay a lot of attention to our wedding cake which will also be served as dessert. For our evening, we are serving our guests bacon rolls and iced doughnuts (cos what more could you want after hours of dancing the night away!?)

We’re also doing drinks a little differently too (shock, horror!) as both of us dislike the traditional “toast” drinks of champagne, prosecco or wine. We’re going with our favourite of a Gordon’s gin cocktail with pink lemonade filled with lots of crushed ice and edible flowers!! ( which will also look amazing with the decor!)

So, for some visuals, I thought I’d share with you my top 15 (It was hard to choose!) wedding cake designs!

*Side Note* I should share with you that when we first started planning our wedding, we wanted to make our own cake. Things seem to have changed slightly since we had that idea!





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