Getting Hitched,Entry 6: The Venue

I never knew how important a reception venue could be for your wedding day until I had to choose one! The right venue can say so much about you and your partners personality, your wedding theme, your love for certain things etc etc.

When we first started looking at getting married, we both agreed that we didn’t want to get married in a church but liked the idea of still having two separate places for the ceremony and the reception itself.

With the ceremony sorted we started looking at reception venues and I’m not going to lie, it was difficult to find one! Our main priority and problem was that we wanted to keep it very local which caused us to be quite restricted with our choice.

The fact that we live by the seaside, love the seaside but definitely did NOT want a seaside/nautical theme or anything related to that seemed to cross off quite a majority of the local wedding venues within our area.

So, instead of looking at the traditional, we started looking in the other direction. We wrote down a list of words that best represented the both of us, our wedding theme and what we wanted out of the whole day. The words “Party”, “Relaxed”, “Buffet”, “Botanical” , “Modern” cropped up and we started to look for venues that best reflected these words. We came up with a good variety of traditional and non-traditional venues.

Anyway, as it’s a bit too early yet to give away our venue, I thought I’d share with you some of the other venues we took a look at !


kromabykate-6ozburgersKromabykate-aspex Gallerykromabykate-nashconservatorykewkromabykate-paradetearoomskromabykate-riverdalebarnkromabykate-southdownsmanorkromabykate-spiceislandkromabykate-thetithebarn




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