Pick Me Up 2016

Morning guys and gals! It’s my birthday! I can’t believe I’m a quarter of a century today! While I’m off having some birthday fun, I thought I’d show you what I got up to last weekend at Pick me Up London.

Pick me up is a graphic arts festival taking place every spring time at Somerset House. 2016 is it’s 7th year running and it aims to feature lots of upcoming designers, illustrators as well as more established names within the graphic arts.

2016 is my second year visiting the festival and I must say that, for me, it was fab!!! The first time I visited, I was studying at Uni and went in with a completely open mind as well as no previous knowledge and a crappy picture phone to photograph with. The festival was extremely busy and looking back, I don’t think I made the most out of the day.

This time round, I was prepared! I had my SLR charged and ready to go. I did my research, booked in advance and arrived early!! (It was empty!!) We arrived at around 10.45am and stayed for a good few hours!

Prior to visiting, I’d found a couple of designers on Instagram that I fell in love with and was ecstatic that they’d be showing their work at Pick me up!

The only thing that bugged me last time and bugged me again is the lighting. I understand that Somerset house was never built to be a large gallery space with huge windows and natural lighting (in fact is was quite the opposite) however, it was so dark within the space! . When I think of viewing multiple pieces of clean, slick modern graphic design, I think bright natural lighting, large gallery space etc. However, the majority of the festival relied on dim spotlights with no natural light. Don’t get me wrong, Somerset house is a beautiful building with great access but maybe a different location could do this festival a lot more justice? I’d love to hear your views on this too!

Anyhow, despite the lighting, the work still owned it and with a variety of styles, we were seeing a lot of typography, signage, ceramics and printmaking processes which was perfect for us!

Overall, my two favourite designers were Brighton based Illustrator Camilla Perkins and London based sign painter /Illustrator Daisy Emerson. Also, where we visited on the Friday, we managed to get a glimpse of Alan Kitching doing some letterpress demos!!

So, here are a few of the better photos of our little trip! Enjoy.





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