Getting Hitched: Entry 3, D.I.Y Wedding Shoes

Morning guys! I hope you’re all having a beautiful weekend!

For those who follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know that a couple of weeks back I posted a photograph of the incredibly beautiful white Bijoux Boots created by shoe designer Paul Andrew that the very gorgeous bride Whitney Port wore on her wedding day.

These incredibly modern booties have a sophisticated open toe in ivory satin and blush mesh, featuring hand-embroidered organza flowers and 105mm lucite block heel and are also available in black.

Obviously, when I initially saw these worn as bridal shoes I was so excited! Embellishment is something I’m raving on about all the time at the moment and shoes like this would fit my style perfectly. The ONLY bad thing…….the price!!! With a budget wedding slowly creeping in quickly (it’s now less than 4 months!) paying big bucks for shoes is a big fat NO!

So, in order to re-create something similar to those dreams shoes, I thought I’d do a little D.Y.I .- I have to say, the shoes I customised haven’t made the cut into our wedding mainly because, after trying them on with my dress, they just didn’t quite look right! (That’s another story to go with my 3 wedding dresses! I’ll be talking more about that very soon!)

So, to give you an idea of how to create something designer on a VERY small budget, I firstly purchased some white mesh shoe boots from ebay for £14.99! I then purchased some white crepe flowers from hobby craft. I opted for two packs but you could have more or less depending on the look you want to achieve.

After a little pinning and arranging, I glue gunned the flowers onto the shoes and  TADAH!! Designer looking embellished shoes for just £30!!!


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