Getting Hitched: Entry 2, Save the date!

Welcome back to my wedding posts! A massive thank you to all of you who read my first wedding diary post last Sunday! It proved to be rather popular so I’m very excited to continue writing these!

For my second diary entry, I thought I’d talk a bit about choosing a date for our wedding as well as designing our “Save the date” cards.

So, for those who are currently planning their weddings or those who are already married, after agreeing that you want to marry your partner (this is very important! ha) the next obvious thing to talk about would seem to be the date, right? ….. Well, in our case, I actually purchased my wedding dress before we’d even set our date! Ha (More about that in the next post!)

When we announced our engagement in January and then began telling our friends & families that we would also be getting married the same year, many were quite surprised and shocked. Don’t get me wrong, they were over the moon that we were getting hitched! I think the main concern was TIME! Would we have enough time to do everything we wanted? Enough time to save for it? Enough time to celebrate being engaged?  etc, etc!

Well, our answer to this was simple… If you can plan to bring a little human being into the world within 9 months, then you can definitely plan for a one day event!

So far, we’ve got most things ticked off our list and still have just under 5 months left! I don’t think we could have done it without making endless lists though! (This is my control freak personality coming through but it’s making me feel so relaxed about the whole thing!)

We wanted to have our big day on the same number date as our anniversary (the 3rd) and we were so lucky as there was only one space left for that particular date and the time was 3pm too! (It must have been fate right?)  What we both knew from the very beginning was that we wanted a very intimate, relaxed wedding with a non-formal feel. The vibe we have picked for the day is a modern botanical feel with a chilled BBQ celebration.

So, when the date was confirmed, we put together some ideas for our save the date cards and got making! Where we are both creative, we knew that we would be designing most aspects of the wedding ourselves. These are the bits we are most excited about! It’s definitely the best time to show your personalities and put your own stamp on things.

We put together a colour scheme, designed a simple save the date, then Joff screen printed the design onto grey marble card that we grabbed off ebay!

And here they are!

I’ve also linked up some other save the dates that are very beautiful for anyone looking for some summer themed wedding inspiration!


Marble Save the date Inspiration

Tropical Save the date Inspiration

Botanical Save the date Inspiration

Calligraphy Save the date Inspiration



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