Kroma turns Two!!

Hello guys! Today is a very special day as my business turns TWO!!!!!! I have officially been freelancing and running Kroma for two whole years. Time has flown by so quickly!

To celebrate, we thought we’d have a little tropical party as well as a look back at all the things we’ve achieved to date!

Best moment for Kroma? : This is so tough! I think being awarded my studio sponsorship was a massive achievement for Kroma as I had only just set up ship and I believe that it had a huge impact on my little business.

Kate Bishop- Studio 1.jpg

Favourite workshop? : Many of you know that as part of the business, we run lots of art and craft workshops with local craft organisations, schools and galleries. I have 3 favourites as I cannot decide on just one! ..

  1. Screen printing festival workshops with Aspex Gallery at Victorious festival last summer!
  2. Another screen printing birthday workshop at Making Space!- This was so much fun and is something we are hoping to make more of a frequent thing.
  3. Spray painting still life workshop with big world impact and Making Space!– spray painting fruit and creating our own still life sets was truly so much fun!


Future plans for Kroma? : Last year was all about workshops and experimenting with designs. This year it’s about focusing on what worked last year and getting a new collection out. So watch this space!!!

Favourite Kroma product?: I think my favourite product to date is definitely our most recent…. our sassy sweatshirts! We will be continuing with these but with lots of new colour combinations and to celebrate our second birthday, our current stock is on SALE!!

Favourite places Kroma visited? : It would have to be BRIGHTON! Then we also visited Sweden as a research/Christmas gift and it was the best! So inspiring and I’d love to go back to Stockholm.

What have we learnt so far about running a business? : Running a business is tough! It takes lots of flexibility, focus and determination. I think I’ve definitely learnt to be more focused and more selective in the things I choose to do. I now always choose to do things if I genuinely believe that it suits the brand. You may also hear a lot of freelance artists talking about getting the right “balance” between freelancing and working a second job to keep a frequent income coming in. This is something that I’ve been thinking about A LOT! Last year I had 4 jobs on the go! It was crazy and, looking back, I don’t really know how I did it. This year I have two and both are creative so I feel a lot happier and relaxed about getting the right “balance”. I think the main thing I’ve learnt is that, I have to be happy in whatever work I do.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported Kroma over these past two years. Here’s to many more! Now let’s go have a GIN COCKTAIL!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Kroma- KateBishopKroma turns two- Kromabykate 1Hooray Pink Balloons- KromabykateKroma turns two- Kromabykate 2Kroma turns two- Kromabykate 3Kroma turns two- Kromabykate 4Pink Balloons- Kromabykate

kroma by kate 2Kroma by kate 1

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