Getting Hitched: Entry 1, Engagement.

Hello and welcome to my first entry in a series of wedding inspired posts!

As you may know by now, I was proposed to in the New Year by my partner of 10 years! We first met as kids at school when I was asked to join his band as bass player (I couldn’t play a single note on that bass but still turned up to band practice every week in hope to see his face!!)

We have grown up together, studied together, did long distance to study at University, both graduated within Illustration and now we both work as creatives! (He’s a screen printer in case you’re wondering!)

He proposed when the clocks hit midnight on the 1st January 2016 under the stars on the beach as we watched the fireworks sparkle and the new year celebrations begin. I was so over the moon with happiness and also a little overwhelmed that he’d decided to do it!

The ring he chose for me is pretty incredible. I’m not a very “blingy” gal, so didn’t want anything diamond based. The ring is a 6mm rose-cut rainbow moonstone set in 14k recycled rose gold with a flat hammered finish. The ring was made to order from a Canadian jeweller who sells through etsy! You can check her out here

I was also lucky enough to receive a second (Yep I’m spoilt!) ring on valentine’s day to wear as an eternity ring. This is also a rose gold stacking band to be worn with my engagement ring as well as my wedding band (when we’re hitched!) and is encrusted with swarovski crystals.

We also decided to get matching tattoos on our wedding fingers. This is something we wanted to do as, where we are both “hands on” people, it’s something that we don’t have to worry about getting broken, loosing, getting covered in paint etc. It was also great for Joff to be included in getting something for engagement rather than it just being the girl (equality and all that!)

The design we went for was a simple black line illustration of an eye, (cos two eyes make a pair didn’t ya’ know!  )

Here are a few photographs to tell the story of our engagement, anniversary of 10 years and a few adventures as an engaged couple!


The Ring 2





The Ring 6

Floral 3


The Ring 7

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