Always judge a book by it’s cover

Morning guys!

Spring is here and I haven’t blogged in ages! Spring is my absolute favourite season of the year. I think it’s the lighter evenings, sprinkle of sunshine and pastel colour schemes that keep me calm and inspired at the same time. I feel that spring and summer are the seasons that best fit with my vision of Kroma as a brand too.

A lot has happened between January and March this year. Firstly, I got engaged! And am getting married! THIS YEAR! (I know, scary right!?) I have a lot of new products launching this year for Kroma too! Including a running theme that is very close to my heart. ( More of that later! )

But what I can tell you is that, after some consideration, I have decided to run a “Wedding” post section within my blog. This is something that I feel is very personal but also reflects me as a designer as a lot of the decisions I have been making have been inspired by my creative lifestyle. So, I thought I could bring you along for the journey! Which is now only 6 months away!

Anyway, to begin my first spring post, I thought I’d show you some creative books that I am loving at the moment. There is quite a mixture of themes including academic , creative advice, visual inspiration and a journal entry.

I know you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but I’m sure many of you creatives can relate that as visual people, this is how our brains work! I decided to choose four books that I feel totally live up to their beautiful covers and have given you a little visual snippet into their worlds. Enjoy!


Akademie x Lessons in Art + Life: An inspirational and practical guide on how to live a creative life. – Devised by the world’s most thought-provoking artists and writers.

Babe- Bringing together the work of over 30 international female artists all demonstrating an engagement with female identity.

Vestoj, On Failure- Issue No 6 from the journal of sartorial matters, in a society that venerates success, few things are as alarming as the prospect of failure.

Feelings – A collation of “Soft Art”




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