Copper Christmas: Part 1.”Gift Wrapping”

I have been well and truly getting into the festive spirit over the past few weeks so I thought I’d do a few posts showing you guys some of our Christmas decor and inspiration for the run up to Crimbo!

My first post is all about gift wrapping…..

When it comes to Christmas gift wrapping, I tend to stay away from the typical and traditional style and colour schemes of the festive season and end up buying most of my gift wrap from the “Birthday” or “celebration” sections of stores.

This year I wanted to choose something that went with my love of copper and marble but also matched our lounge which is mainly an array of pastel tones of mint green and blush. I managed to pick up some beautiful wrap from Marks and Spencer this season. The first was a blush and gold/copper leaf marble patterned wrap (I was sooooo pleased to see marble gift wrap on the high street!) and the second was a mint green geometric gift wrap with hints of forest and navy (For the boys!)

I purchased a selection of ribbons from my local fabric store as well as some floral wrap & pastel gift bags from Tesco. I also had a handful of baubles from last Christmas that we didn’t want to use this year due to a change of colour scheme so decided to use these as our finishing touches.

And I was ready to wrap!



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