DIY: Gold & Marble.

For this week’s post, I thought I’d try out a “Do it Yourself” that I found on Pinterest recently.

Since moving to a new studio space, I’ve wanted to change up my furniture a bit. As my brand is developing more, so is my style and I am slowly moving away from the fun and playful look and into something a bit more sophisticated.

Of course, changing up your furniture doesn’t necessarily mean going out and spending loads of pennies on new things and I wanted to try and make something of my existing pieces.

Some of you may have seen in my previous studio photos, that I have a lot of self standing shelving units that I purchased very cheaply from Ikea. Two of these units are identical and just plain silver metal so I thought that these would be a good start to trying out something new.

Kate Bishop- Ikea Hyllis Shelving

I trailed through pinterest for some ideas and came across this really easy tutorial from Style me Pretty to up cycle Ikea shelving into a “Gilded Bookshelf” . Obviously, you could choose whatever colours and patterns you like, but since I am in LOVE with marble and wanted something luxurious, I kept with Gold spray paint and grey self adhesive marble vinyl.

To do this at home, you’ll need:

Shelving Unit

Dust Sheets/ Well ventilated Space

Marble Self Adhesive Vinyl

Spray Paint (I used 1 can per unit)





Having two shelving units, I tried spray painting one after taking it apart and then tried out the second while it was still standing. I must say that, if you have the space, it is a lot easier to do it when it’s already been put together as it saves on spray paint and the unit supports itself so you can basically spray the whole thing without having to wait for pieces to dry.

The marble part is also very easy. I purchased my self adhesive from amazon and two rolls covered both units. The back of the adhesive is in cm grid format so is really easy to measure and cut.

I thought that the sticking part may be tricky but the adhesive peels off from it’s backing very easily and can be re-stuck if you’ve made a little error. Any air bubbles can be removed by simply smoothing over the surface from one end to the other. (I just used a dry cloth to rub out any air bubbles)

I would definitely recommend this to any marble lover or anyone who is wanting to create something luxurious on a low budget.


Here are my results. Enjoy! …..


Kate Bishop- DIY 1Kate Bishop- DIY 2

Kate Bishop- DIY 3Kate Bishop- DIY 4Kate Bishop- DIY 5