Studio Leaving Lunch

Since I uploaded my previous post about my studio sponsorship at Making Space, I’ve had a few of you contact me directly asking a variety of questions.

The main question asked was “How do you apply?”

Seems as there was quite a bit of interest, I thought I’d do a “follow up” post answering your questions as well as talking about my studio leaving lunch and all the beautiful gifts the staff and tenants bought to say goodbye to me as a tenant! (I’m still around the office as Marketing Assistant and workshop leader!) So, as I stated in my previous post, the sponsorship scheme at Making Space was a years unpaid studio space plus a grant.

The grant came in two stages. Part one was for materials which I received at the beginning of the sponsorship. Part two was a personal development grant and was received towards the end of the sponsorship. (after I’d had a diagnostic meeting)

The development grant is there for you to be able to start thinking about your business after the sponsorship. You could use it towards your website, exhibiting, product development etc. whatever you feel will push your business further. I still haven’t spent my development grant but my plans are to put it towards a look book for my next collection- including printing, visual/set design and photography.

Applying for the sponsorship…Making Space put out an advert for the textile sponsorship award when a studio space was available. If you haven’t visited the space in Havant before, there are seven studios in total. The advert went live on their website/social media pages so it is just a case of checking every now and then to see if a sponsorship opportunity is available.

You then simply apply through an application form and send off copies of your portfolio and see how it goes from there. It was very simple process really!

To be eligible for the grant, my business had to be in it’s first three years of trading i.e. a “new business”.I needed an idea of what I wanted my business to become or the kinds of products I wanted to create.  I also needed to make sure that I could use the space over a whole year. One of the questions on the application form literally was “How often can you see yourself working from the studio per week”.

Right, I think that’s all the questions answered. So, at the end of my time as a studio tenant (just last week actually) Making Space put on a surprise leaving lunch for me. This is something that they do for all their staff and tenants who are saying goodbye.

Everyone bought some food and we had a little tea party. It was so lovely! I got a lovely bouquet of flowers and everyone was so kind to buy me a joint gift (or I should say “Gifts” as there were so many!) So, when I ventured home, I lay everything out in my lounge (as you do) to take a closer look and here they all are. They know me so well!

Kate Bishop- Leaving Lunch 1

Kate Bishop- Leaving Lunch 2

Kate Bishop- Leaving Lunch 4 Kate Bishop- Leaving Lunch 7

Kate Bishop- Leaving Lunch 3

Kate Bishop- Leaving lunch 5

I hope this was helpful to those thinking about applying for sponsorships. Here are some links to other amazing creatives who took their business through a sponsorship scheme at Making Space:

Fashion Designer & Illustrator Ami Lowman and her beautiful business Mia Mai

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