Nursery Tour

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally got round to creating a little nursery tour for you all.

Now my favourite room within our home, we wanted our bebe’s nursery to be a calming, gender neutral space with a pastel colour palette and eclectic theme.

I’m not going to lie, in the beginning, the plan for this nursery was very different to it’s end result. But pregnancy hormones, a change of mind and season got me completely hating on the original colour palette and theme (teal space themed created over the winter time) so this is what we came up with and I really am in love.

I wanted to use as much natural wooden and rattan furniture within the space to warm up the cool grey colour that we used on the walls. I then painted a pastel mountain mural (loosely inspired by salvation mountain) as the main feature wall.

We wanted to stay away from the typical baby items but still make this room as functional as possible so Joff made an over the cot changing unit out of chip board and we added a pretty handle from anthropologie so that we can easily move it about. One of my favourite pieces in the room.

I fell in love with the rainbow mirror I picked up on sale at Urban Outfitters but felt something was missing when we hung it up. So I grabbed some fringing off of ebay and added it to the ends.

I also love the fact that the rattan peacock chair was a bridal shower gift from my parents and the moses basket used to be mine and my sibling’s when we were babes!

The wardrobe, an ebay find, was one of the first pieces of furniture we purchased and based our colour theme around. It’s vintage and was already painted in that beautiful dusky green colour.

I have tried to link everything below for those who are interested!


Cot : IKEA | Wall Paint : Valspar | Rainbow Mirror : Urban Outfitters | Fringing : Ebay | Tie Dye Muslin Sheet : Etsy | Green Dinosaur Toy : Zara Home | Large Teddy Bear : Gifted | Wooden Blanket Rail : Ebay | Knitted blankets : Handmade Gifted | Fringed Unicorn Toy : Anthropologie | Pastel Marble Quilt : Gifted (Emma Nicol Illustration) | Natural fringed toy basket : Marks and Spencer | Large pastel screen print : Created by Joff | Large Wooden Frame : The Range | Silver Metal Toy Suitcase trunks: Habitat | Natural Jute Rug : Urban Outfitters | Sophie Giraffe Natural Rubber Toy : John Lewis | Mustard Memory Book : Meminio | Terrazo Light and ceiling shade : John Lewis | Wardrobe : Ebay | Breastfeeding print : The Plant Room | Dinosaur toys : Ebay | Leather journals : Anthropologie |Wooden baby gym : Ebay | Wooden baby gym toys : Etsy | Moses Basket : Gifted | Wooden moses basket stand : Ebay | Rattan peacock chair : Gifted | Rainbow Cushion: H&M | Rabbit Toy : Gifted | Peach Curtains : Ebay | Nude Changing Bag: ASOS | Blue Jumper : Handmade & Gifted | Rompers : Zara Mini | Suede Jacket : H&M | Changing Mat : John Lewis | Changing Table : Handmade | Changing Table handle : Anthropologie | Rattan storage and baskets : Ebay.

Colour Edit : Blue Sands.

Back in may, my parents were holidaying on the beautiful Greek island of Kefalonia when my mama sent me over some of her travels snaps. One really captured my attention; a beautiful building painted in a muted clay colour and framed in ocean blue. A perfect colour combination for its setting and some real inspiration. Perfect timing as we’d just painted our hallway in a similar hue and I was having trouble finding a complementary friend for it.

Since receiving that photo, I can’t seem to get this palette out of my head. We all know that brown and blue can be a match made in heaven (I’ll always remember that advert on television, was it for dulux paint?) but playing by the rules doesn’t mean you can’t create something unique, striking and modern.



New Products!

Morning guys!

Today I wanted to share with you some new products that are hitting the Kroma Online Shop…..Silk Scarves! In four of my designs, these are 100% silk mini scarves and are great to customise with any outfit ready for spring! If you’re interested in getting your hands on one, click here!


A Morning with the Glass Narrator

When you think of maternity photography, what do you think of? I know a lot of us think of the posed and positioned mamas-to-be in long flowing gowns with their bellies out looking super glamorous out in open fields. As beautiful as that photography is, I’ve always been pretty afraid of booking in a shoot like that because, apart from my husband Joff, I’ve never really had anyone else take a photograph of me.

I’ve always wanted some beautiful photos of my pregnancy to look back on in years to come but ones that were a little less staged, a little less posed and a little more “me”.

When Karah Mew, The Glass Narrator, contacted me about arranging a maternity and newborn shoot, I took a little look around her website and knew that this was something I’d be interested in booking.

Karah’s photography is realistic and focuses on the little details that are easily forgotten. The best part for me, is that she photographs you in your own home, surrounded by all the things that best represent you and make your feel most comfortable and confident.

On Karah’s arrival, I gave her a little tour of our home and she asked me about our favourite spots to hang out in. She then took a couple of hours to capture me and bump within those spaces. We had a couple of outfit changes, but everything recommended were things that made me feel comfortable.

Karah created a really relaxed atmosphere, and we chatted about our creative jobs, motherhood and she shared advice in a non invasive way which I was really grateful for (including the fact that she had successfully cloth-nappied her two babes, something that we are planning on doing ourselves! )

The photos Karah took that morning will always be very special to me. The last stage of pregnancy, 38 weeks, these photos show the calm, the waiting and portray exactly how I felt at that moment in time.

It was very hard to chose, but here are my three favourites, including a look into our nursery! – For more photos of our shoot, please check out Karah’s blog post here





Home Tour Throwback

Happy Weekend Guys!

This morning I wanted to do a little throwback to our home tour photoshoot that we did for Interiors by Jacquin last year.

I realised recently that I never ended up sharing these photos over here, and they are definitely some of my favourites!

What with transforming our studio space into a nursery and a few other changes here and there, they have also been lovely to look back on and see how our home has evolved to suit our needs.

But don’t worry, I’ll be doing a new little nursery tour over here very soon too! (I’m currently 39 + 2 weeks preggo!)

So, rewind to last April, our home tour was featured on Jacquin’s beautiful blog alongside some exquisite homes. We also did a little interview session so be sure to check that our here. 

Here are a few more of our favourite photos from the tour!





Pregnancy Diaries #Second Trimester

Now that I am well into my third trimester of pregnancy, I thought I’d give a little update on what the second stage of expecting has been like for me.

The second stage of pregnancy (for me) was like a blissful little bubble of normality. The nausea had vanished, cravings were normal and sometimes I’d forget I was even expecting!

I know that every mama is different, but I have felt very lucky to feel no pain or discomfort through the second trimester and have been able to focus on preparing my body, staying active and looking after myself. (with a treat or two thrown in of course!)

The odd nose bleed did greet me on the occasional morning as well as a little milk leakage but my main memories of my second trimester include finding out the sex of our baby (we are having a little boy!) and watching my bump grow more and more.

Pregnancy has definitely allowed me to appreciate my body more and all the amazing changes it goes through. I also feel very lucky to not have experienced any dramatic hormonal changes. If anything, my anxiety through pregnancy has actually improved. (I say it’s because I always have a little friend with me when I’m feeling anxious to calm me down!)

It’s also the time when me and my husband realised that we needed to document my pregnancy more as time flies so quickly, I was worried I wouldn’t have enough photos of my bump to look back on.

So on the final week of the second trimester, we took our first proper set of pregnancy photographs and we’ve been snapping away ever since! – For this shoot I was inspired by vintage art deco mixed with some dreamy editing.

So, here they are!




Gallery Showcase

Morning Guys!

I’ve had some time out blogging recently due to taking in pregnancy and finishing work.

Now that I’m on maternity leave, I seem to have a new surge of positive energy and I am making the most of it!

I have quite a few things to talk about and wanted to kick start my first blog post of 2018 (bad I know seems as it’s already February!) with a little reflection post.

I had lots of really beautiful memories from last year and one reminded me that I hadn’t shared them all over here. In Summertime 2017, I exhibited two limited edition screen prints in my first ever gallery showcase at New Ashgate Gallery, part of Making Space’s 10 years of craft showcase. It was a beautiful little showcase and one that I am super proud of.

Here are a few snaps I took!

There are a couple of screen prints left in each design so if you are interested, do pop me over an email!


Pregnancy Diaries: #First Trimester.

Welcome back!

It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten back into my blogging zone and much of that is linked to this very blog post. So, in case you don’t already know, I am expecting!

Pregnancy so far has been both very exciting but also very new and unknown. From the excitement of finding out, the nausea and sickness at week 7 through to our first scan and hearing our babies heart beat, everything is very surreal and pretty amazing.

Now, at 20 weeks, I thought I could you give anyone who is interested, a little run down of a few things that really helped the baby and I get through our first trimester!

Much like my wedding diaries last year, I totally get that this isn’t going to be of interest to everyone so will be mixing up my posts with my usual Kroma inspiration and design posts for those who prefer them.


So, I thought I’d kick things off with some skin and body products that have really helped through the first few weeks of pregnancy, all of which I’m still using now.

  1. Pregnancy Vitamins. – Something that your GP and midwife will advise you to take on a daily basis from the very beginning, these have been helping both us of get the best start possible. I was given a packet of Pregnacare vitamins along with my notes at my first NHS antenatal appointment and, although they are the recommended brand, they are a little on the pricey side. If you’re needing to find a cheaper alternative, most supermarket and drug stores will offer their own brand of pregnancy vitamins and you can double check on the back that they are still giving you the right dosage of particular important vitamins including folic acid!
  2. Body Oil – Not just for those stretch marks that may begin creeping in as your body makes room for your growing babe, body oil is also great for just moisturising dry skin in pregnancy. I haven’t been a fan of most pregnancy belly creams and balms because of their cocoa butter scent (it’s too sweet and sickly for me!) So, an alternative that I’ve been using and absolutely loving (onto my second bottle already!) is the SUKIN BioNatural skin oil. The sukin brand is an all natural, vegan brand which I love and this particular oil smells great and leaves skin super smooth and soft with no grease. The oil includes some pretty great ingredients too such as Rose Hip Oil (which I also use on it’s own on any potential stretch mark prone areas), Carrot seed oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin F, Avacado Oil, Lavender Oil, Vanilla Extract.
  3. Primrose Oil Although not a necessity, I have always taken primrose oil everyday since my late teens, to help with hormone levels, skin and hair growth and have continued to do so in my pregnancy to keep everything well balanced.
  4. Lavender Oil – Although many say to avoid lavender oil in pregnancy, I have been adding a couple of drops to my bath and on my pillow to allow me a good night’s sleep and get through the first month of fatigue. The lavender scent also helped really well with morning sickness (which was actually all day long nausea from week 7 – 10)


Next up are a few clothing and accessories that have really helped me from week 7 on wards.

  1. Maternity Leggings – Although I didn’t gain a huge amount of weight in my first trimester, it was pretty amazing how quickly my usual favourite high waist jeans became particularly uncomfortable on my waist and belly. For just £9.00 per pair, my sister-in-law recommended these black cotton maternity leggings from Peacocks with over the bump support and they have been great! – I was able to wear hers for a few weeks to try them out (would definitely recommend this if you can) then proceeded to purchase 3 pairs for myself. I would also recommend sizing up, giving yourself some space for your bump to grow.
  2. Sports / Cotton Bra– When all of the focus is on your bump, it seems to be forgotten that in fact, one of the first signs of pregnancy can be your growing boobs and boy do they grow! On top of you no longer fitting into your pretty lace bras, your boobs can also become pretty sensitive and will need some decent support. That’s where I found that any non-wired, soft cotton bras or sports bras helped out a great deal. I also wore these to bed for the first few weeks for extra support.
  3. Nausea and Sickness Wristbands– Something that another sister-in law recommended to me for my nausea, these acupressure wristbands seemed to help a great deal for keeping sickness at bay and are really cheap so worth giving a try, even if you’re not convinced in the beginning. These little things came everywhere with me from work to wedding receptions.
  4. Water Bottle – So it might seem obvious that, when pregnant, the best liquid you could drink to stay hydrated would be water and that’s great because I love the stuff. However, in my first trimester, I hated it and really struggled unless it was ice ice cold! That’s when an insulated water bottle came in handy, keeping my water cool on all outings and allowing me to get the right amount of fluids. I’d also recommend a re-usable straw!
  5. Back pack – This might sound strange, but a back pack has been really helping me with any pregnancy back pain by evening out any weight I need to carry with me when out and about. This burgundy velvet back pack by Glamorous is both a great size and sleek design.



Finally, I thought I’d go through a few food and drink essentials that helped with my nausea and things that I just craved eating in the first few weeks.

  1. Elderflower – Recommended by my mum, whenever I would struggle with getting water down, I would have an elderflower with soda water, ice and mint. The soda helped with settling the nausea and the elderflower and mint added a nice fresh flavour.
  2. Lemon and Ginger – Liquid or food form, both of these were great in the first several weeks of pregnancy. Ginger biscuits, lemon and ginger tea, lemon sweets, and even just the smell of lemon scented cleaning products really helped!
  3. Apples – A fruit I am still loving now, I craved the dark red delicious apples but they had to be nice and cold! Raw, cold carrots also helped and are something I still love snacking on now!
  4. Snacks – You may hear your midwife speak the words “little and often” quite a bit when it comes to your diet in your first trimester. This is when snacks come in. Things that got me through the day included plain crackers, wholemeal toast, salted or cheese crisps and cocoa and orange nake’d bars (which made me feel better knowing that I was getting a bit of goodness)


I think that’s it for now! – I’d love to hear what your first trimester essentials were/ have been and hope that this helps anyone who is struggling. Just know, we are all learning as we go, just do what’s right for you.


Anniversary Travels

It was our one year wedding anniversary last week (where has this year gone!?) so we travelled across the water for a little getaway to the Isle of Wight.

We wanted our stay to be memorable, so we decided to hunt down some unique accommodation and unique is what we found! After staying in an airstream caravan on top of a hotel in bristol for valentines, we simply fell in love with the airstream life and wanted to find more places that offered a vintage inspired travel experience in one of these beautiful pieces of history.

After searching through Instagram, I came across Vintage Vacations! – Set amongst the countryside on a farm in ryde, vintage vacations offers a whole campsite of vintage caravans dating back to the 1940’s!

We stayed in the eldest caravan on site, the 1946 Spartan Manor and it was an absolute beauty. Keeping original features and decor with an update of amenities meant that we could live on board for the week, cook, shower, stay warm in the most authentic of ways possible.

Having stayed just after the summer holidays meant that we actually had the whole campsite to ourselves! It was pure bliss with days of reading, chilling, napping (a pregnant woman has to nap!) and lots of little trips out around the island.

Helen and her partner have done an incredible job and we would thoroughly recommend this unique experience to all!

We also took a trip to Ventnor botanical gardens, which was a dream! You may now know that we love our botanical garden trips, and ventnor lived up to my hopes.

So, here’s a few photos of our stay!